Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sparks: sTAKE 2

See what I did there in the title?

For SOTM, Date Night edition (2), we ventured back to Sparks in a back-to-back review. I have to say, the original review from last month holds, though people should be aware busy nights like Thurs-Sat there is a distinct lack of service and maybe a quality slip. Best steak in the city still.

46th and 3rd
New York City
Prime sirloin [rare].


A little cold in the center this time around, but still warrants 3 cows. Just a great fucking steak.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Sparks: Reunited and it Feels so Good

SOTM is proud to bring in a new tradition. To celebrate the rich history of our club, we will honor its birth by returning to Sparks each January (being the month in 2010 when SOTM was founded), much like spawning salmon returning to the river where they were born (except without all the mating opportunities).

As such, January's formal steak night was held at Sparks. Attendance was low, but laughs were high, and the steak was....

46th and 3rd
New York City
Prime sirloin [rare], don't bother with anything else, mainly because there are no other cuts.

SP:  hands down the best goddamn steak I have eaten in recent memory. I can still taste it on my lips, the char, the seasoning. My recent gripes with steak have related to underseasoning, where the salt never permeates to the center meat. Despite offering a slab of sirloin thicker than my arm, each bite throughout was wonderfully flavorful. When you hit a piece of rendered fat, everything becomes a blur, either from the pure ecstasy or the cardiac arrest.

I also have to praise the lack of pretense here, there was absolutely nothing on the plate except a big ass piece of steak. No sprig of thyme, no broiling plate, just steak as far as the eye can see.

I would link to our instagram here (@steakofthemonth) but cannot remember how to and our CTC (Chief Technology Cow) seems to be on sabbatical.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Annual Steak Resurrection - 6 Years of Reckless Eating

Well, it's January. That means 2 things:

1) Anniversary of SOTM (6 years!)
2) Time to update the blog

2015 was an eventful year, we had several babies show up for SOTM members, we go onto instagram, and of course, we ate more steak.

2016 is going to be a year of rejuvenation. Not only are we going to eat even MORE steak, we have made promises in blood to keep the SOTM blog and instagram up-to-date.

We welcome you to join our community and adventure, and promise, if you don't die from eating this much steak, it will be worth it.

Chief Cow Officer (CCO)

Without further ado, review of:

M. Wells Steakhouse
Long Island City
Porterhouse for 2 (med rare)

SP: A surprise for me. So used to the stuffy, posh steakhouses we've recently been favoring, M Wells was a delight. From the entrance I could not find in the dark streets of Long Island City, to the warm, homey interior, to the absolutely delicious porterhouse we were graced with, I walked away immensely content.

Very nice char, seasoning, and tenderness in the steak. The filet side was particularly impressive. The menu itself I think was made of bone marrow, and I could not tell if the Korean influence on the menu from the Korean sous chef is here to stay, but I would revisit to see what else I could stuff into my fucking face.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015


Sigh. 13 months. 13 months since our last post. I can imagine the hardship you went through. The first two months you were like a drug addict coming down, couldn't get a fix. It must have been painful. The next few months you got yourself clean, finally turned your life around. Now, you're in a better place, you'll never forget SOTM, but it's a distant memory and you've moved on.

I am pleased to say we are pulling you all in for a relapse. But thanks to the magic of the internet, we will be supplementing with our Instagram feed.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Holy Shit: We're Behind

Catch-Up (July - Nov 2013, nov 2014)

Sameer:  Goddammit.  I would like to extend SteakMonthly's sincerest apologies to our readership (readership being me, Jeff and google analytics) for our lack of content/updates.  Rest assured, we are working to improve this site and your online experience.  As such, I am awarding this site a zero cow rating. As for the past few months, a quick recap with some vague recollections.

July - Benjamin's Steahouse - needs a suitable waiting bar area, but had some decent steak...maybe?  5 guys, 1 dessert = smuttier than it sounds

August - Wolfgangs on 33rd - my god.  This was several months ago yet the joy of the steak is still etched in my memory.  As is the "I don't give a fuck up about you" attitude of the host as he nonchalantly seated us 45+ minutes after our reservation.  I would sell each and every one of the SOTM club members into the European sex trade if it meant I could be considered a regular here and receive the kind of service one expects from basically any other normal restaurant in the city.

September - Striphouse - consistently a strong contender.  Don't let them try to fool you into thinking the front seating area is acceptable.  Maybe if your party consists of 3 anorexic models with no need for elbow room/table space.  Order the bacon.

October - Costata - new Michael White steakhouse.  Someone correct me, but I seem to recall 1 very good steak, 1 very mediocre steak and 1 very drunk Josh.

November - MarkJoseph - Most recent but all the steaks are blurring together in this review, so I have opted not to award cows unfairly.  I do remember this being excellent, if slightly geographically inaccessible to the rest of the city.  Group decision that we will try establishing some street cred by finding a regular steak spot going forward instead of a new joint every month.

November 2014 - Bowery Meat Company - New restaurant, with a crowd that talked more than it ate.  Every table seems to know each other, which is confirmed by a saunter and a kiss on both cheeks.   I don’t take it to be a good sign when the steak descriptions include a lot of imported foreign language words I am unfamiliar with.   It’s meat.  The animal has done a great deal of the work by living and dying.  The mushroom sauce-with-a-fancy-word seemed unnecessary given the nice fatty texture and flavor

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

BLT Prime: Only worth the popovers

BLT Prime (June 2013)

111 E 22nd St
New York, NY

Sameer: [zero cow] - Cowboy bone in rib eye (med rare), porterhouse (medium rare) - What the hell.  The vaunted "BLT" series of restaurants seem to get a lot of hype, but never delivers steak-wise.  Both cuts lacked flavor, both cuts were uninspired and both cuts we did not even feel like finishing.  The steak was not tender and kind of under-seasoned.  Nice char on both, but that only takes you so far in life.  In retrospect, I think I also agree with Jeff that we got the "porterhouse for 2 lite" version which must have shrunk in the dryer.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Prime & Beyond: A lesson in overeating

Prime & Beyond (May 2013)

90 E 10th St
New York, NY

SameerDry aged porterhouse (rare), wet aged rib-eye (medium rare), dry-aged lamb, some other meats - Some preamble that I am going to bullet point to make it easier:

1) very comprehensive steak list - actually forced us to research wet vs. dry aging.  Dry aging wins.
2) interesting concept fusing some korean influence, run by two asians, Q (NJ location) and his brother Kevin for NY.
3) great ambiance and staff (not reflected in the cow rating), very outside the normal "steakhouse" vibe

The steaks overall did not actually blow me away.  The meat was great quality, but I found the execution lacking.  Under-seasoned, not finished with butter which is a personal preference to keep the meat moist and velvety.  We basically had a cross section of every cow on the planet, and I find the overly aged meats are too strong on the roquefort tones for my personal taste.  Regardless, good times.

Also, a nice look at the aging locker downstairs was an added treat.  I think I will have my wedding here:

Jeff: I boycotted due to over extended jurisdiction of conversation in a prior SOTM.