Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Del Frisco's: Learning experience

Del Frisco's (Mar 2010)
1221 Avenue of Americas

SPare meal: height=23 - Double eagle strip (med rare) - A flawlessly executed medium rare, which brought out the flavor nicely. Quality cut of meat, but major downside was the seasoning. A little seasoning is desirable, but the steak was so immersed in seasoning, it was overwhelming to the point that some had to be scraped off. Would have scored significantly better otherwise.

Crab: height=23 - Ribeye (med rare, eventually) - Initially ordered rare which was a mistake on reviewer's part. Meat very marbled. Asked server to re-cook into medium rare. Cooked perfectly to bring out flavors and fat of the meat. A delight to eat. Sides note: Cauliflower with brie/truffle oil was an outstanding pairing of flavors/nutrition. The mac&cheese was below average.

Additional unreviewed steaks by Krishna, Raj, and Abhay.