Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BLT Steak: Cameo review by Jay

BLT Steak (June 2010)
106 E 57th St
New York, NY

Sameer: [Zero bovines] - Delmonico Cut (med rare) - Not really sure what the "delmonico" cut means at a restaurant that is not delmonico's. A good piece of meat, though didn't have great marbling. Decent flavor, nothing exceptional, but a really excellently executed medium rare.

Crab: [Zilch] - NY Strip (rare i.e. red, cool center) - Steak never quite jelled for me. Flavor lacked pop, meat was a little more cooked than I would have preferred. Next time, order "blue" (very red, cold center).
Setting notes: one cow. UES yuppie hunting grounds.

Jay: - Filet (med rare) - Steak was cooked to a good temperature but the flavor was kind of bland.