Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wolfgang's: Krishna is as practical as always

Wolfgang's (July 2010)
4 Park Ave
New York, NY

Sameer:  Porterhouse Steak for 3 (rare) - Best serving of rare I have had yet. The center of the steak was nothing short of heavenly. Good charring on the outside, good fat distribution. Would have given it 3 cows but much of my steak was a bit underseasoned, and needed steak sauce. Excellent though, overall.

Jeff:  Porterhouse Steak for 3 (rare) -  Outstanding aged meat. The filet part in the center of the cut was the most delicious bites I have had to date. Melting buttery smooth meat. Next time though, we must pull all meat pieces off the plate before they cook from the heat of the plate.

Krishna: Porterhouse Steak for 3 (rare) - I agree with Jeff.