Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Craft: Nothing special

Craft (September 2010)
43 East 19th St
New York, NY

Sameer: - Côte de boeuf (medium rare) / Sirloin (rare) - Côte de boeuf for me was tender, nicely charred, and had positively mouth watering flavor. I savored each bite, and could have eaten another one. The sirloin was a magnificently prepared rare, but most of the flavor came out of the sauce, and I found it a bit too chewy, even for rare.

Jeff: [zippo] - Same - Nothing blew me away about either piece. This was my first côte de boeuf, and I thought the thick meat cut into thin slices was novel. Well-aged, well cooked. I didn't enjoy the sear on the côte de boeuf was overdone, dry, and underseasoned. Bonus half a cow for the included marrow (which was served on the same plate as the steak, so I can't ignore it as a side).

Krishna: [zero]- Same - In response to the half-cow comment, I think we should seek to reduce the complexity of the rating system rather than increase it. Given that no review has been given less than 3 cows to date, I'm not sure if we have the appropriate baseline or rating metric. I propose we retroactively take away three cows from every rating and restaurants with a "no cow" rating indicating that we won't make an active effort to return.

The steak was pretty good but I wasn't a huge fan of the sauce and the chewy texture at some parts of the meat on either cut. I think I enjoyed the sirloin marginally more that the côte de boeuf.