Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quality Meats: Steak made for 12

Quality Meats (October 2010)
57 W 58th Street

New York, NY

Sameer: [zero cows]- Dry Age Porterhouse For Two (rare) and Rib Cut Steak For Two (medium rare) - The most herculean slab of beef I've ever seen. Rib eye had some good flavor sporadically, but overall it was just too rare for my tastes. I know we don't rate service here, but this is one instance where better service could have really improved the meal. We could have been advised about the goddamn size of the steak and that medium would have been better, instead of getting an offhand, apathetic "medium rare or medium or i don't give a flying fuck" reply from the waiter. Porterhouse was nice, but agree with Krish.

Jeff: [diddly squat] - Same - The Rib steak was a damn brontosaraus rib served on a plate. Huge cuts of meat. I have never seen a MR come out so deep and red. Should have ordered a M to bring out more flavor of the meat.

Porterhouse was nothing to write about.

Krishna: [zero]- Same - I think we learned a valuable lesson on this outing: no more debating on how we get rib eye steaks prepared. The double rib was impressive to look at but the flavor wasn't great. I did enjoy the steak sauce though.

The porterhouse was thick and cooked well but was not memorable in the end.