Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Michael Jordan's: A rare miss for the legend, other than his baseball and movie careers

Michael Jordan's (Jan 2011)
23 Vanderbilt Ave

New York, NY

Sameer: - NY strip (rare) - So satisfying. Very nice crust, very nice flavor, and my ideal seasoning level. Some pretty hefty cows lost for major inconsistencies in preparation. Mine was overcooked, Jeff's was undercooked, etc.

I'm no fan of greens, but I also thoroughly enjoyed the haricot verts. To clear up some confusion during the meal, green in french is "vert(e)" and in spanish is "verde".

As for ambience, a rather interesting setting in the GC Terminal. Open and airy.

Note: my cow ratings will continue to only reflect steak.

Jeff: [junk-tranche cows] - Bone in rib-eye (medium rare) - I estimate that the steakhouse found an inbred grade-C level calf milling about in the alleyways of Grand Central, from which they sliced a rib eye cut. I understand ribeye is an inherently fattier cut, but this slab of flesh had fat lesions and lard barnacles attached. Disgracefully undercooked. It is a medium rare bone-in ribeye. Maybe ya should keep it in the oven a little bit longer, fam.

The side dishes also look ashamed to be there. The "hand cut steak frites" are large potato slices hand cut by a mongoloid make-a-wish wielding a play-doh knife. The plating (and the taste) are seemingly inspired by Lincoln Log toys.

I regret ever suggesting this restaurant.

Krishna: [zero?]- NY Strip? (rare?) - I forget now -- I think the strip was pretty good though.