Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ben and Jack's Steakhouse: Ben and Jack are probably vegans

Ben and Jack's Steakhouse (Feb 2011)
219 E 44th

New York, NY

Sameer: [no cow for you]- Porterhouse Steak for 2 (rare) - Eh. Lacked flavor, I don't usually need to salt my steak, but copious amounts were required. Little too chewy for me as well. But I was pleased with ordering the side off the menu.

Jeff: [zero vacas] - Same - Underseasoned by a mile. The "secret menu" side dish we ordered was two other menu sides stirred together in a mixing bowl. Atmosphere of a Madame Tassaud's early morning before it opens.

Krishna: [zero]- Same - What got me was how mealy the steak was.