Monday, May 16, 2011

Smith and Wollensky's: SOTM is getting real

Smith and Wollensky's (May 2011)
797 Third Ave

New York, NY

Sameer: - Colorado Rib Steak (medium rare) and Porterhouse for 2 (rare) - Enjoyed the colorado cut more than the porterhouse, though both had nice flavor. Found the charring a little underwhelming but very nicely executed rare/med rare. Was expecting more flavor out of the porterhouse but maybe my expectations are getting skewed after doing this for a year and a half? Regardless, I will never stop.

Jeff: - Same - Order #1: Appetizer + N-1 meat + N-1 sides
Order #2: N meat + N-2 sides,
where N is number of persons.

Krishna: - Same - I was pleasantly surprised by the steak here. I had low expectations for some reason. Well cooked.