Monday, June 27, 2011

Old Homestead: Bros before hos

Old Homestead (June 2011)
56 9th Ave
New York, NY

Sameer: - Finest Center Cut Sirloin (rare), Gotham Rib Steak on the bone (medium rare) and Signature Filet Mignon on the bone (rare) - A lot of steak to review so I better do this while I remember. First the center cut. Delicious flavor, owing to the "herbs and spices." Some sort of mystery mixture whose secret is locked away with the Coca Cola recipe. Gave the steak a unique flavor I have not yet tasted. Really enjoyed it. The Rib steak marbling was ok, the charring was not as pleasing as I would have liked, but the steak had solid flavor. Filet has never been my thing, but I thought on the bone would do the trick, was not a huge fan. Did not have the crispness I like to contrast the tenderness in the center. Perhaps a bit underseasoned.

Krishna: - Same - I thought the center cut sirloin with the special herbs was really well flavored and well cooked. The ribeye was also very well prepared. It was just slight warmer than rare -- enough to allow the fat to melt into the steak but rare enough that it was still tender. I was tempted to give only 1 cow b/c of the filet, but decided against it because I think I am just not a fan of the cut in general. It has a weird flavor to it. I also don't think it was aged.

Jeff: - Same - The Center Cut tasted like as if we were eating steak at flor de mayo. Vague amounts of herbs and spices adds up to unusual flavor on top of the steak, but it's all air. The flavor does not enrich the steak's flavor, just adds a bit of song and dance to it. Gotham Rib was good. Filet Mignon was good, and I like this cut, don't you worry you precious cow, I appreciate you.