Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sparks (3): You marry one of us, you marry all of us

Sparks (July 2011)

210 E 46th St
New York, NY

Sameer: - Prime Sirloin (rare) - An unprecedented 3rd visit (actually I think even a 2nd visit was unprecedented). It pains me to give a 2 cow here. Still my favorite steakhouse, but this the prep was a little off today, perhaps partially owing to how busy the place was. The crust was still pure ecstasy for me, requires no additional seasoning, just delectable. It looks almost like a burnt charring when you see it, but no trace of burned flavor persists. Wonderful. A nice rare, but I started finding it a little tough to get through halfway through the cut. This month's outing also marks a celebration for our very own Krishna for taking the big leap and proposing. He's a 1 steak man from now on. Congratulations buddy.

Jeff: - Prime Sirloin (rare) - Odd that today's visit had an unprecedented packed dining room. Normally it is empty, but perhaps this is the summer rush in effect? Unfortunately, the steak suffered slightly for it. Perhaps too many slabs of meat to track. Yes, the wonderful char was still there, but I noticed a slight overcooking of the meat. Still, a joy that is to be celebrated. I maintain their full cow status because I believe in a moving average. One odd outing does not doom one rating-cow to the slaughterhouse.

kka: [no cows] - Prime Sirloin (rare) - I was very excited for the famed Prime Sirloin and the first bite was amazing. It had a light, crispy crunch that would give away to the melty fat and tender meat. However, the meal quickly went downhill as I found myself chewing on an exceptionally tough white strip (tendon?) that ran between the fat and the meat on a side of the cut. In the end, I simply could not finish my steak, which is why I am giving no cows. I will likely return since that first bite did provide a brief glimpse of the perfection described in this blog.