Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Palm: Liquored up Sameer should not go out in public

The Palm One (August 2011)

837 2nd Ave
New York, NY

Sameer: - Double Cut New York Sirloin for 2-3 (rare) - An ambiguous rating for me. The meat was cooked beautifully I thought, definitely my kind of rare, with an almost artistic contrast of heavy charring (to the extent it looked like a brick of coal coming out, until sliced open to reveal a rosy center). Enjoyed the charring, but I had knock the rating down quite a bit for the severe lack of flavor. I repeatedly reached for the salt shaker. Also enjoyed the british couple banter.

Jeff: Pending

kka: [no cows] - Same - I agree the steak looked very well cooked, but I really did not get anything out of eating it. It lacked flavor. While I will likely not return, I did enjoy the generous pours of scotch and the fact that Sameer disregarded all advice given that evening, including from the British guy who has been married more than once.