Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Saxon + Parole: The start of a dry spell (for reviews. I hope)

Saxon + Parole (September 2011)

316 Bowery
New York, NY

Sameer: - New York Strip (rare), Ribeye for 2 (medium rare) - Delectable. Surprisingly so. An entry into what I consider a movement away from the traditional "steakhouse" into "new american grill". Steaks comprise a small portion of the menu, but carry a lot of flavor. The strip was tender and moist without being chewy for rare, and at least for me, required no additional seasoning. Same goes for the ribeye (I hope this puts an end to the long-standing rare vs. medium rare debate for ribeyes). I will say that the charring felt a bit mushy and that I suspected some over-seasoning, which threw off the balance of flavor. Nitpicking perhaps, but overall some enjoyable steak. Also would have much preferred just straight bone marrow instead of turning it into a bernaise, which basically gave me all the cons of marrow health-wise, without any of the flavor benefits. A few side notes. This was one of the first opening nights for the restaurant, surprisingly sparse crowd but service did not seem to suffer. I've also never seen a waitress taken aback by the amount of steak we ordered. Maybe it was horse meat after all.

Jeff - shared - I must confess, I remember little of this place except that the combination of the decor (think "race horse chic") and the name spurred me on an relentless pursuit of horse meat jokes. 

kka: Pending