Monday, November 28, 2011

Wolfgang's Steakhouse (Tribeca): Many challenges accepted, none actually done

Wolfgang's Steakhouse (November 2011)

409 Greenwich St
New York, NY

Sameer: - Porterhouse for 2 (rare) - This sequel visit, albeit a different location, offered a mixed reaction from me. The 33rd street Wolfgang's is among my top picks in the city, however, this sister location did not quite live up to the reputation. The prep was solid, but I found the tenderloin side cold and slightly flavorless for my taste (perhaps I'm more of a medium rare fan for this type of cut). The strip side was delicious though and basically carries my cow rating here. Great charring all around also a plus. 3 side notes: Our next outing, I would suggest Krish and I switch plates after the steak is doled out to see if he, in fact, is more prone to getting tendon-y pieces; I am not allowed to arrive early anymore and eat chips at the bar, weak showing in terms of finishing my steak; the cross-fit vs. p90x challenge was constructed this evening, results may vary. Also, a very hearty congratulations to SOTM member, Q, for getting engaged.

Jeff: - Pending

Krish: - Pending