Thursday, December 22, 2011

Macelleria: 2 year anniversary! Sameer's posts are getting dull!

Macelleria (December 2011)

48 Gansevoort St
New York, NY

Sameer: [NO COW] - Porterhouse for 2 (rare); NY strip (rare); Rib-eye (med. rare) - A lot to comment on here. First, on a sentimental note, I would like to acknowledge the 2 year anniversary of this little adventure of ours. An idea was born from a casual dinner between chums 2 years ago and has since blossomed into what has fast become (at least for me) one of my favorite nights of the month, and not just for the steak. So cheers to our group of guys and a heartening tradition of making sure old friends take the time to catch up. Second, if I realized it was the 2 year anniversary maybe would have picked a more trustworthy restaurant, I thought we were at 23 months.

Be that as it may, on to the steak. I won't rate them individually per my usual as I think my rating applies across the board. I would consider this steak bottom of my list. The charring was not so much charring and a burnt exterior. The meat, while actually well prepared, lacked even the remotest trace of flavor. So much so, I was just plain baffled how even no seasoning made it into 3 different plates, let alone any flavor from the steaks themselves. I've never had to rely on the steak sauce to provide the flavor before. Enough said. Except I feel no regrets and am actually glad we tried this place, something a little different over the traditional steakhouse. Mainly because it brought me comfort that I can still discern some quality among steaks and have not been numbed to just calling every expensive steak at least "not bad".

Jeff: - Pending

Krish: - Pending