Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dylan Prime (2): Grassfed does it again. and by "it" I mean feeds us

Dylan Prime (January 2012)
62 Laight Street

New York, NY

Sameer: - Bone-In Ribeye (medium rare) and NY Strip (rare) - Another run at the grass-fed steak and I was still very pleased with the results. The ribeye was very juicy, very nice marbling and excellent taste profile. Little underseasoned, and I was still not a fan of the strip. I am hypothesizing that bone-in preparation for grass-fed steaks help offset some of the toughness in the meat. Perhaps a mental thing now that I'm aware of the differences, but I feel like I can detect this slight stringy texture in the meat while chewing. Regardless, I was still delighted with the overall steak experience.
Shame Ron no longer works here, nor do we know where he went. Maybe he was never really there at all.

Jeff: Pending