Friday, March 30, 2012

Prime: Bachelor Party Edition

Prime (March 2012)
804 Main Street
Park City, UT

Sameer: [non vache] - Ribeye (medium rare) - Eh. Lacking flavor and texture, but well executed medium rare. Not much else I can say about this, except it was a great dinner in every other sense. Many scotches flowing, good group of people, a manly night overall in a slice of Mormon heaven. Violating the bachelor party code, this post discloses at least the dinner portion of the weekend.

Jeff: secret amount of cows - How dare you even disclose our location or activity?  I refuse to acknowledge whether we ate steak, drank scotch, spent hundreds of dollars on an activity of questionable legality, left someone in the desert, drank a bodily fluid not of our own, left behind a board game at our house just because some people are too close minded to try something new, or popped corn by hand.  Now forget you read this, and burn your computer in a trash can.