Friday, April 20, 2012

Minetta Tavern (2): Romantic man-date

Minetta Tavern (April 2012)
113 MacDougal St
New York, NY

SameerBlack Label Burger (medium rare), bone-in ny strip (medium rare) A repeat visit, with the added benefit of trying the steak.  I would put the steak at 2 but I had such a reignited love affair with the burger that I had to go full 3 cows as an overall.  I can't identify what it was this time around, maybe it was because we split the burger so the clarified butter did not make its presence so obvious, but each bite of that burger was pure delight.  Tender, flavorful, exquisite.  

The steak was no laughing matter either, very tender, decent marbling, and nicely seasoned.  Didn't have to add a pinch of salt.  There were some tendons that got in the way, and had some nice flavor, but the burger was the clear BSD of the night.

Jeff- [Shared] - I am discomforted by how tall everyone in this establishment.  Perhaps it speaks of some higher echelon in which Sameer and I trespass.  Just stringy waifs and power jackets abound.   As Sameer said, the burger thankfully lacked the first visit's wax-mouth effect from some clarified butter overkill, and was a wonderment of delights to eat.

The steak was cooked medium rare based on the waitress' note that they cook their steaks "french-style" here, and that medium rare was a "warm red" middle.  Lo-and-behold, the steak was perfectly cooked.  Outstanding flavor, well-seasoned, delightful to the last bite.  I actually preferred this NY strip to the burger, but perhaps I was in just one of those stripy new york moods.

Also, in a rare digression regarding appetizers, I would like to apologize for even suggesting we get the lamb tartine, thereby denying ourselves the pleasure of the bone marrow starter.   Also, I'm pretty sure that table next to us was purposefully rubbing their marrow in our faces by ordering it, and then eating it, and then rudely not offering to share any of it with us.  The other patrons at this joint sure do ruin the experience.