Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Maloney & Porcelli: Where have you been all my life

Maloney & Porcelli (June 2012)
37 E 50th St
New York, NY

SameerRib eye (medium rare), crackling pork shank A rare 3 cow for me.  And an honest one.  I'm not doing a mixed review with the pork shank included because I was so enamored with the steak.  The pork shank was good, the skin wonderfully crisp, it was moist, but I did not find myself craving more.

The rib-eye on the other hand.  I am convinced medium rare is the way to go in general.  Each slice was tender, exceptionally charred, sublimely flavorful.  One of the rare instances I felt like I would've been happy getting a steak for myself and shunning the share system.  The execution of the medium rare was near flawless and the fat distribution was gorgeous.  A gem I was unaware of beforehand.

Jeff:  - [Shared] - For some reason, I keep wanting to make steakhouses-as-women metaphors.  Maybe it's the ready delivery of flesh to be consumed.  Or perhaps our repeated rating of them.  Or maybe we just need to go to Robert's before someone else gets fucking married.  If you were wondering, this place is like making a blind date from playing World of Warcraft, and it turns out you are courting Mila Kunis.

Stunning cuts, perfect flavor, visually and olfactorially delightful.  (I'm talking about steak now).  The crackling pork shank is their signature dish and so wonderful we could not finish it.   Rib-eye was an eye-opener.    To make sure we weren't just high off of wedding fumes, I recommend an immediate re-visit. And I'm not just saying that because this place is named after two lawyers that once helped out the owner in a legal matter.