Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Porter House: Bones

Porter House
 (August 2012)
10 Columbus Circle
New York, NY

Sameer - NY Strip (rare), cowboy rib-eye (medium rare), chili rubbed brandt natural rib-eye (medium rare) - Represents an average rating across a pretty good cross section of steaks.  Overall, they delivered on the promise of rare vs. medium rare.  Really perfect execution there.   The strip has some decent flavor, but a pretty flimsy char, resulting in a much mushier feel and no texture to contrast the nice rareness of the meat.  Also, I assume it was just as aged as this 45+ day rib-eye, since it had the tang to it, which I think I am actually not overly fond of.  The rib-eye was the winner for me, great crust, nice flavor.  I wonder if I appreciate the expertise with the medium rare and fat rendering at a slightly deeper level now with my cast iron at home experience.  The chili rubbed rib-eye hit some high points with the meat flavor, but I personally was not a fan of the chili rub.  It was subtle, not overpowering, which I liked to see, but the flavor did not mesh well for me.  I guess I'm just a purist at heart.

I will note that the cuts were grass-fed from Creekstone (healthier!).  I wonder if I could now tell the difference between grass and corn fed.  The bones are sitting in my fridge waiting to do whatever one does with steak bones.

 - [Shared] - I shudder whenever Sameer talks about doing something with bones.  It's like bovine necrophilism.  Before I begin my review, let the record show I was on time this dinner-- nigh early!-- for once.  Even if we did have to reschedule this dinner because I could not even show up to earlier week.  It will counts.

Onward, the waiter had advertised that they cook rare steaks to have a "cold red" middle; medium rare, "warm red", etc., but  I failed to notice the manner in which our steaks were cooked, which I suppose is a passive way of saying they were perfectly cooked in a manner in which the cuts were intended to be cooked.  GRASS FED beef is such a rarity among the steakhouses we visited, so I call bullshit that all the cuts were indeed grass-fed, rather than the one specialty cut labelled as so.  My favorite was the NY strip, by default.  I have already forgotten how the regular rib-eye tasted, and the chili rubbed rib-eye was a charlatan, a boil-faced whore you trot out when the customers are out of 20 dollar bills.  I find it odd we failed to order the porterhouse for two AT A RESTUARANT CALLED PORTERHOUSE.

Lastly, I propose we adjust the month numbering system to an absolute counter.  Instead of Month 8, year 3, I prefer "Month 32".  Seconded?