Friday, November 30, 2012

Minetta Tavern (3): Drinks make you drunk

Minetta Tavern (November 2012)
113 MacDougal St
New York, NY

SameerBlack Label Burger (medium rare), Côte de Boeuf (medium rare) - Hm, the details of this visit are a little blurrier than usual, there may have been another steak in there.  Highlights include:

- Steak and burger
- Some fucked up bone marrows, which when GENTLY pointed out to the waitress, resulted in excess desserts, which was more a kick in the duodenum than anything.  Nice gesture, I love her
- Josh and Jeff insisting on fighting

If I could make the 3rd cow in this rating blurry, that would be more fitting.

Jeff:  - shared -  It's hard not to think that eating here inflicts real physical damage to your body.  As if when you move through each course of the meal, you can feel time being chipped off the backend of your life.

As per our resolution after our last visit (intern, can you please link to last visit? thanks),  we ordered the bone marrow.  Which then promptly disappointed.  Upon dear Sameer gently pointing this out in casual conversation that seemed perfectly harmless, the waitress apologized instantly, noting the fad-like "foodie" culture has depleted the region's store of worthwhile bone marrow.  Her apology came so suddenly and forcefully I feared a certain sense of irony from her.  That she then brought us two free desserts, then confirmed it.  She wished us dead.  Or worse, plumped by free dessert.

Burger was again a small plated miracle.  Cote de Boeuf overshadowed by the burger, and by Sameer's theatrics and apparently recurring drinking problem.