Thursday, December 20, 2012

Arlington Club: Where cougars meet cows

Arlington Club (Dec 2012)
72nd st & Lexington Ave
New York, NY

Jeff: [cows] - Rib-eye (medium rare), Porterhouse for Two (rare), Sirloin (rare) - 

Sameer - share - This is a borderline rating for me.  I could have gone zero cow if memory serves, but the rib-eye was redeeming.  I think this rating, and steak, basically reflect my feelings on the upper east side as well.  Total ambivalence.  I would eat this steak if I had to, in the same way I would go to the UES if I had to, but I'd prefer neither.  I erred on the 1 cow vs 0 cow maybe because my senses were overloaded by the elderly women on the prowl and the prowling women with the elderly, wink wink.