Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Strip House (2): Who knew stripping was this good

Strip House (Feb 2013)

13 E 12th St
New York, NY

Rib-eye (medium rare), Strip (rare), Strip (medium rare) - 

Sameer - share - Strong 2 cow here.  Strip rare was more appealing.  I may be a prick now after so many steak years, but you have to let your meat rest, rookie mistake.  And I mean that in exactly the way you think.  The medium rare strip was sitting in a plate of its own juices (also meant exactly the way you think).  It sounds appetizing, but no dear reader, that just means all the tenderness of the steak is swishing around the plate instead of in my mouth....alright, I didn't even mean that one.

The rib-eye was actually the big winner for me, wonderful flavor and marbling.  Really all the steaks were nicely seasoned, even Krishna our consummate salter, did not reach for the shaker.  I think I am a convert to the rib-eye as my favorite cut.  In fact, our legendary experiences at Sparks for their strip, has me wanting to go back for the rib-eye to see if it can hold its own.

I deducted 1 cow for the fact that we were sitting in the proper restaurant with stuffy old men, instead of the hip lounge whose table would not have fit our steaks, all thanks to Josh.