Thursday, May 9, 2013

Prime & Beyond: A lesson in overeating

Prime & Beyond (May 2013)

90 E 10th St
New York, NY

SameerDry aged porterhouse (rare), wet aged rib-eye (medium rare), dry-aged lamb, some other meats - Some preamble that I am going to bullet point to make it easier:

1) very comprehensive steak list - actually forced us to research wet vs. dry aging.  Dry aging wins.
2) interesting concept fusing some korean influence, run by two asians, Q (NJ location) and his brother Kevin for NY.
3) great ambiance and staff (not reflected in the cow rating), very outside the normal "steakhouse" vibe

The steaks overall did not actually blow me away.  The meat was great quality, but I found the execution lacking.  Under-seasoned, not finished with butter which is a personal preference to keep the meat moist and velvety.  We basically had a cross section of every cow on the planet, and I find the overly aged meats are too strong on the roquefort tones for my personal taste.  Regardless, good times.

Also, a nice look at the aging locker downstairs was an added treat.  I think I will have my wedding here:

Jeff: I boycotted due to over extended jurisdiction of conversation in a prior SOTM.