Wednesday, June 19, 2013

BLT Prime: Only worth the popovers

BLT Prime (June 2013)

111 E 22nd St
New York, NY

Sameer: [zero cow] - Cowboy bone in rib eye (med rare), porterhouse (medium rare) - What the hell.  The vaunted "BLT" series of restaurants seem to get a lot of hype, but never delivers steak-wise.  Both cuts lacked flavor, both cuts were uninspired and both cuts we did not even feel like finishing.  The steak was not tender and kind of under-seasoned.  Nice char on both, but that only takes you so far in life.  In retrospect, I think I also agree with Jeff that we got the "porterhouse for 2 lite" version which must have shrunk in the dryer.