Friday, December 20, 2013

Holy Shit: We're Behind

Catch-Up (July - Nov 2013, nov 2014)

Sameer:  Goddammit.  I would like to extend SteakMonthly's sincerest apologies to our readership (readership being me, Jeff and google analytics) for our lack of content/updates.  Rest assured, we are working to improve this site and your online experience.  As such, I am awarding this site a zero cow rating. As for the past few months, a quick recap with some vague recollections.

July - Benjamin's Steahouse - needs a suitable waiting bar area, but had some decent steak...maybe?  5 guys, 1 dessert = smuttier than it sounds

August - Wolfgangs on 33rd - my god.  This was several months ago yet the joy of the steak is still etched in my memory.  As is the "I don't give a fuck up about you" attitude of the host as he nonchalantly seated us 45+ minutes after our reservation.  I would sell each and every one of the SOTM club members into the European sex trade if it meant I could be considered a regular here and receive the kind of service one expects from basically any other normal restaurant in the city.

September - Striphouse - consistently a strong contender.  Don't let them try to fool you into thinking the front seating area is acceptable.  Maybe if your party consists of 3 anorexic models with no need for elbow room/table space.  Order the bacon.

October - Costata - new Michael White steakhouse.  Someone correct me, but I seem to recall 1 very good steak, 1 very mediocre steak and 1 very drunk Josh.

November - MarkJoseph - Most recent but all the steaks are blurring together in this review, so I have opted not to award cows unfairly.  I do remember this being excellent, if slightly geographically inaccessible to the rest of the city.  Group decision that we will try establishing some street cred by finding a regular steak spot going forward instead of a new joint every month.

November 2014 - Bowery Meat Company - New restaurant, with a crowd that talked more than it ate.  Every table seems to know each other, which is confirmed by a saunter and a kiss on both cheeks.   I don’t take it to be a good sign when the steak descriptions include a lot of imported foreign language words I am unfamiliar with.   It’s meat.  The animal has done a great deal of the work by living and dying.  The mushroom sauce-with-a-fancy-word seemed unnecessary given the nice fatty texture and flavor