Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Make America Steak Again

We're back! With a new year will come new content and CTC(Chief Technology Cow)-willing, a revamped site. Stay tuned. Don't forget to follow us on insta @steakofthemonth. As a reminder, all ratings are based on a 3 cow scale (with no half cows allowed). To give you a little steak appetizer, here's a run down of our last 6 months of activity, which has been a really strong run based on the ratings here:

September 2016
Momofuku Ssam Bar

Momofuku 28 day dry aged rib eye, for 28 people. Just decadent. Had that momofuku feel like you're eating duck, nice fat cap and well prepared. I borderline went 3 cows but some flavor still lacked. When first presented, I thought it was a goddamn paella in that dish. Reserve in advance.

October 2016
Striphouse (downtown)

Zero Cows
Strip rare and ribeye med rare. I can't discount how perfectly they hit those, and while striphouse is usually a go-to the steaks themselves were almost flavorless with some underlying toughness. This rating pains me but maybe the busy might got to them. You'll get em next time.

November 2017
Beatrice Inn

A newbie on the scene in terms of steak, there is really interesting history with this restaurant. That aside, the meat is stand out. They had some insane 6 lb. tomahawk or some shit that you could douse with white truffles and cemetary plot included. They know what they're doing when it comes to meat, so my recollection is a two cow, but that could be memory bias so take that as a fuzzy rating. There was a lot of depression at the table given election results that month, but enough good steak can make you forget even your own name for a while.

December 2016
Bowery Meat Company

Just beautiful. Pictured (clockwise from left, or would be if I could figure out how to inset instagram pics): chateaubriand, double cut sirloin, tbone florentine, tomahawk ribeye, Côte de boeuf, rib cap. That center one I can't remember. The ribeye was delicious. The tbone little underseasoned and tough. Of note, we had full steak attendance this month, even if half our members showed up drunk already.

January 2017

Happy streakiversary! 7 years going strong (SOTM not our hearts, which are slowly deteriorating with each passing month). Sparks is still 3 cow for me. Over ordered but I'm ok with that for their prime sirloin medium rare. Of note, I've come to the personal conclusion that rare is hardly ever the preferred option for steak. Maybe with a strip steak but after many visits to Sparks, this medium rare really maximized the flavor of the cut and quality of the meat. Rare just doesn't develop enough for my taste. N-1 and medium rare are new go-to maxims for me.

February 2017
Porterhouse - Time Warner Center

Cowboy rib med rare. Pay no attention to the greens interfering. Confit garlic was a nice touch. Good char but underseasoned a bit which I suppose is better than overseasoned. I'm slightly generous with this rating but I think it was deserved, especially because I felt like a sultan in that booth with the pillows.